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Reflective Vinyl Streamers

These are High Visibility Reflective Tube Reflectors. Available from 4" to 10' in length.
Other colors available.
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Our reflective streamers create an effective safety marker for use in mines or anywhere where safety is a concern.  Available in multi-color highly reflective material.  Our streamers are the best in the market providing function, as well as convenience.  Our streamers are flexible, and don't crack or break like other reflective materials.  We can customize your order to fit your specific needs.  Contact us for a quote at (606) 432-6547.

  • Double sided > Can be seen in both directions. 
  • Reflects color > Color coding for different applications
  • Attach with ease > Eyelets, magnets, and press studs
  • Flexible and strong
  • Wipes clean
  • Any length
  • Assortment of colors
  • Two color combinations
  • Weighted

Our Vinyl Reflective Streamers can be seen all over the country and are used by businesses in all sorts of ways to assure safety.  

  • NFL College Stadiums use them for roping off security areas.  
  • These reflectors are great for tagging those hard to see areas
  • Search & Rescue Teams use them in their training
  • Key Chains
  • Tagging corners of equipment
  • Coal Miners use them for lighting up dark tunnels
  • Mark exits
  • Create light for those hard to see places that can cause head bumps

​No matter what your situation we can customize them to fit your specific needs. 


Tags/Streamers in use in the field.
Meet Our Customers

Duke Energy
Walt Disney World
US Air Force
US Coast Guard
Fred Weber, Inc.
Kettering University
Ocean Lakes Family Campground
Valero Renewables
Vulcan Materials
Vigor Marine
Underground Mining
Parking Lot Control 



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